2015 Commodities Report

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Do you ever wonder how much waste is actually diverted from entering the landfill when you recycle? If so, let us assure you that the efforts you make to recycle, either at the curb or at the West Avenue drop off, along with the efforts of your friends and neighbors, literally equates to tons of material and makes a tremendous difference.

The following, are the six major categories of recyclable commodities collected and shipped to markets by our program in 2015:

Material shipped January through December by GJ CRI

  • Paper                                                       1,617,220 pounds
  • Cardboard                                                 1,478,820 pounds
  • Plastics                                                        187,940 pounds
  • Glass                                                            811,420 pounds
  • Metals                                                          167,040 pounds

                                                                      4,262,449 pounds total / 2,131 tons