About Us

About Our Company

GJ CRI is a locally owned and operated business. Residential curbside recycling is offered in partnership with the City of Grand Junction under the direction of the Solid Waste Management Department. All money derived from the sale of commodities collected at the curb is returned to the City to help offset program costs. All products listed in the Residential Recycling Guide are sent to market (never landfilled).

History of GJ CRI

Curbside recycling was a new concept in western Colorado in 1989 when Mesa State College hosted a conference entitled “Think Globally, Act Locally”. In response to the interest of City Council members and the City Sanitation Supervisor, a local citizen, Steven Foss, volunteered to begin a pilot curbside recycling program. The purpose was to assess the community’s interest in such a program and determine its costs. Steve appropriately named the endeavor Curbside Recycling Indefinitely.

Residents in Spring Valley and downtown joined in the study by agreeing to sort their recyclables for collection each month. Tope Elementary teachers, students, and parents began to spread the word and soon routes were established throughout the City.

Evolving from the Grassroots

The original pilot program was adopted by the City in 1992. GJ CRI currently provides employment for fourteen of your neighbors. There are over 3,000 curbside recycling households in the city limits of Grand Junction. GJ CRI’ s story is an example of how a community can come together to accomplish an important goal. Many of our original recycler’s were single, and many were elderly. Never doubt that one person can make a difference!

About Our Logo

grand junction co recyclingThe gecko is a harmless creature that makes its home in the desert southwest. It is also one of the most vocal of its species. We have adopted the gecko as our logo because we at GJ CRI want to encourage and support others in their efforts to tread lightly upon this earth. We feel that our actions speak for themselves. When each of us does the right thing by recycling, we are reducing our impact on our world. We are also spreading the word and teaching others by example. Like the gecko, let your voice be heard above the crowd….Recycle!

Our Staff

All GJ CRI drivers undergo an extensive training program using Department of Transportation guidelines. Public safety is foremost in mind. GJ CRI is a family owned and operated Colorado corporation.

  • Steven M. Foss & Elaine Lawrie-Foss; Joint Owners, Board of Directors, Consultants
  • Kym Beck, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Jeremy Brown, Residential Route Driver/Drop Off attendant
  • Brandon Coombe, Facility Manager
  • Geoff Crumbaugh, Residential Route Manager
  • Jon Fitzpatrick, Residential Route Supervisor/Drop Off Manager
  • David Gallegos, Residential/Commercial Route Supervisor/Drop Off attendant
  • Brian Harvey, Resource Recovery Specialist/Drop Off attendant
  • Chris Harvey, Resource Recovery Specialist/Drop Off attendant
  • Daniel Jantz, General Manager of Facility and Finance
  • Jonathon Lewis, Resource Recovery Specialist/Drop Off attendant
  • Trevin Marz, Commercial Route Manager
  • Merissa Snyder, Safety Training & Development/Community Outreach

Drop Off Attendant

  • Jon Fitzpatrick
  • Jeremy Brown
  • David Gallegos
  • Brian Harvey
  • Chris Harvey
  • Jonathon Lewis