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Why do I have to pay for curbside recycling?

Why isn’t recycling always free? Recycling is beneficial in so many ways – you would think that it should always be free! Unfortunately, it isn’t always free and if you are wondering why, here are a few facts to consider. Many cities either operate their own waste and recycling programs or contract large commercial haulers to provide trash and curbside recycling services. Programs such as these are often the second greatest expense for municipalities. .

We generate too much waste

Every year, the world produces more than two billion tons of waste — enough to fill a fleet of trash trucks to circle the world 24 times, according to sustainability project the World Counts. The World Bank estimates the yearly global cost of dealing with waste is more than $200 billion and predicts annual waste will exceed 11 million tons per day by 2100. Originally posted on World.mic August 18, 2015: But where does .

Recycling struggling in America but NOT in Grand Junction

Throwing everything into one large bin is called, “single- stream recycling” and it has seen tremendous growth over the past two decades. With the promise of increased public participation and material recovery rates, a rising number of municipalities have opted to implement single-stream programs.  However, the increase in rates has come at a high price to many of these municipalities. A lack of recycling education and larger bins has led to higher contamination rates .