What is “Blister” and Why Can’t I Recycle it?

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Blister containers are a type of ridged plastics which come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and resin codes. These types of containers are commonly used to package berries, salad greens, eggs, cupcakes and numerous other items. It is currently less expensive for manufactures to produce these types of plastic containers using virgin materials than it is for them to use recycled products, which leaves little to no incentive for them to do so.  Over the past several years this has forced both domestic and foreign markets for ridged plastics, collected for recycling, into a steep decline. Consequently, GJ CRI can no longer secure end markets for these types of plastic containers. Blister is now considered a contaminant by plastic re-manufactures and can no longer be included in the materials stream.

So, when you are thinking of recycling a plastic item because it has the familiar #1 in the recycling triangle on the bottom, ask yourself, “Is this a bottle, jar or jug?” If the answer is “no,” then it is blister. Put it in the trash instead!

For a more detailed explanation of what “blister” is and why it can no longer be accepted by our program http://gjcri.com/gj-cri-no-longer-able-accept-blister/