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Tips on how to recycle in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Do magazines go with newspaper?

Yes, you can mix newspaper, office paper, junk mail (please open it to remove sheets of sticky labels and plastic credit cards, etc.), magazines, catalogs and shredded paper together.  You can put your phone book on top of the mix so that we can easily separate it out.

Why do we need to keep phone books separate?

We ask that our customers keep phone books separate so that we can market our paper products to multiple mills. Each mill has different specifications for how many phone books are allowed in the paper mix they purchase. The individual specifications depend on the end product the mills produce. For example a mill that makes newspaper stock might allow only 36 phone books for every ton. So we actually count how many individual phone .

Why do we have to separate our recyclables when other cities have co-mingled pick up?

The clean, sorted material you set at the curb for pick up can be easily and cost-effectively recycled.  Your pre-sorting efforts ensure that the material collected is marketable and will be recycled rather than discarded or used for less beneficial, one-time applications.  Pre-sorting reduces the risk of on-the-job injuries to recycling workers who otherwise might have to handle a large volume of broken glass, can lids or unsanitary items.  The labor and time involved .

What happens to my material after it’s collected at the curb?

Your sorted material is emptied into different compartments on one of our specially designed trailers.  After picking up several thousand pounds of material by hand each day, our hard working crews bring it back to the facility where they offload and combine it with like material collected at the public drop off.  In the mornings we have “plastics parties” around the conveyor belts:  The same people who pick up your material help sort plastics .

Aerosol and paint cans

Recycle aerosol and paint cans Are aerosol cans recyclable? Yes!  Just make sure they are completely empty!  Put them with your other steel cans. Can I recycle old paint cans? Paint cans are recyclable as long as only a trace of paint remains and it is completely dried. If the can still contains paint, you may take it to the Hazardous Waste Facility at the Mesa County Landfill for recycling.  Here’s another trick:  Pour .

Plastics #1, #2, & #5

Recycling plastics #1, #2, & #5 Why do you only accept #1,#2 and #5 plastics? Other programs take them all! Don’t be fooled into thinking that all (or even most) of the plastic collected by those programs is actually recycled!  There are very few domestic (U.S.) markets for plastics numbered 3 through 7.  China, one of the principal foreign markets for U.S. plastics, has recently undertaken measures to stem the influx of non-recyclable and .