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Circle of Safety Award

Here at GJ CRI, we believe that our employees are of some of the finest individuals that Grand Junction has to offer and we are dedicated to their health and well-being. For the second year in a row, we are being recognized for our exemplary safety program and risk management record. 

Mobile Consumers Spur the Age of Intelligent Packaging

Posted June 23, 2017 Approximately three-quarters of Americans now own a smartphone. Most of us rely on these devices to navigate the many aspects of our daily lives.  We can send an email, schedule appointments, manage our bank accounts, check the weather and search the web anytime and, pretty much, anywhere. The age of the smartphone has transformed the way we do almost everything, including how we shop. Recent studies suggest that consumer behavior .

How to Green up Your Spring CleanUp

Posted April 13, 2017 Spring is finally here, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and, once again, it’s time for the City’s popular Spring Cleanup program. The two-week program takes place every year and helps residents get rid of yard waste and unwanted household items. It is a great time to clean out the garage, declutter your home and finish up that spring cleaning. For some, the idea of spring cleaning may seem a .

China Cracking Down on Scrap and Plastic Imports

Posted on March 15, 2017 Last month Chinese customs officials announced the launch of a new one-year campaign which will target criminal activity surrounding the imports of “foreign waste”.  The campaign, titled “National Sword 2017,” will focus on a number of imports including recyclables such as plastics and electronic waste. Although the campaign is expected to impact companies who send commingled plastics #3-#7 to China, any effects this will have on U.S. markets remain to be .

Recycled Clothing Is the Next Big Thing in The Fashion Industry

Posted on February 15, 2017 Recycled clothing is the next big thing in the fashion industry.  From hand- me- downs to that perfect vintage piece, most of us have partaken in recycled fashion at one time or another.  However, you may have noticed some of the newest trends include eco-friendly clothing and accessories made from recycled goods. As people continue to look for new ways to minimize their environmental footprint, recycled fashion is becoming .

Problem Items in the Recycling Stream

Posted on December 28, 2016 Grand Junction has some of the best recyclers in the country and, for most of us, recycling has become second nature- just another part of our daily routine. We all know why we should recycle: it saves energy, reduces pollution, creates jobs, and it’s good for our community! However, even the best recyclers can unknowingly make small, unintentional mistakes that can have big consequences. Knowing what not to toss .

The Behavioral Economics of Recycling

Posted November 4, 2016 Recent research conducted at Harvard University suggests that, as individuals, our recycling habits are greatly influenced by unconscious preconceptions or bias’s about or towards an item.  For instance, people are prone to recycle items that remain whole or undamaged, and conversely, more inclined to toss an item if it has been damaged or changed in some way. Researchers observed people were more likely, to dispose of an aluminum can in .

Pinnacol’s Circle of Safety Award nomination

Posted on August 31, 2016 – GJ CRI is dedicated to the health and safety of our employees, as well as the safety of our customers and the general public.  This year we are being recognized for our exemplary safety program and risk management record.  According to – This prestigious award was created to recognize policyholders for their exceptional risk management in four areas – safety, loss prevention, financial management and claims management. .