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Economic Benefits

In Colorado, the recycling and re-manufacturing industries compare closely with natural resource development and mining in terms of economic benefits. Recycling and reuse outpace the waste and disposal industry in job growth and remain the largest job creators in the Energy Efficiency (EE) sector within the State. The EE sector employs over 81,000 Colorado residents and generates over 9 billion in annual revenue. Read more in these articles:

Innovations in Recycled Packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging’s, such as those made from recycled content, or by other means that reduce their environmental impact, are gaining ground in the market place.  What exactly are the benefits of recycled and eco-friendly packaging? From an environmental standpoint, they help to avoid depletion of both renewable and non-renewable resources, minimize waste and the use of raw materials, and help to reduce pollution as well as energy consumption. September 2015 Have you ever .

Recycling Container Update

Local suggestions for recycling containers Recycling Container Update:  October 21, 2014 Please remember that it is not necessary to use official recycling containers for curbside pick up.  Almost all stores carry some type of toter, bin or other container that would work just fine for recycling.  The difference is that official recycling containers are often treated with some type of UV protection to better withstand the elements.  The bins we have available are open .

Land Based Marine Debris Reduction Act of 2014

News release by Resource Recycling According to an August 13th news release by Resource Recycling a new bill, the Land Based Marine Debris Reduction Act of 2014,  has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Rep. Mike Honda, a California Democrat.  The bill authorizes the EPA to “require the manufacturer of the product or packaging to use recovered materials of that or another category in the product or packaging.” This ambitious legislation .

Recycling Contamination Concerns

Contamination in the Marketplace August 2014 According to this month’s issue of Resource Recycling, the level of contamination in materials collected for recycling continues to be a challenge for U.S. reclaimers, those buying and processing that material for end use.  In his article,  Mike Verespej reveals that,  “In recent years, the percentage of usable material in bales purchased by plastics reclaimers  has been dropping, often to shocking levels.” By the time the material has .

Plastics in the Ocean

Plastic debris continues to threaten the worlds oceans, marine life, birds and wildlife.   In the broad expanse of the Pacific Ocean there exists the North Pacific Gyre. A slow moving, spiral of currents full of trash, millions of pounds the majority of it being plastic. Essentially it is the world’s largest landfill adrift in the middle of the ocean. There are five such gyre spanning the world’s oceans collecting refuse from every continent. .

Waste and Recycling Statistics

American Recycler News provides a report with statistics on the waste and recycling stream performed by the EPA. Americans are increasingly proud to recycle!! In this article appearing November 2013, from the PRNewswire website, a recent survey indicates that 4 out of 5 Americans say they feel a sense of pride when they recycle. It also finds that recycling participation rates are on the increase. Still, more recycling options are needed for people .

Benefits of Recycling

Recycling and the benefits it can have on the economy Here are just a few articles that contain some very useful facts for the benefits of recycling.

Oversees markets for plastics #3-7 dries up

Plastic recycling #3-7 China has initiated Operation Green Fence, inspecting loads of recyclables coming into their ports and rejecting those that contain waste.  This has dramatically impacted the U.S. plastics and paper markets.  Recycling companies in the U.S. which collect plastics #3-7 have suddenly found themselves scrambling for an end market, as few exist in the United States for these plastics. GJ CRI only accepts plastics for which it has strong U.S. markets (currently .