Colorado companies strive to collect and recycle more glass

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Posted March 16, 2016

Glass can be recycled endlessly.   It’s easy to presume that the bottles and jars you put out at the curb will soon be headed off to be melted down and remade into new jars and bottles. Curbside customers in the City of Grand Junction can rest assured that this is exactly what happens to the glass they recycle. All of the glass collected by our program is sorted by color and then shipped to Miller Coors in Wheatridge, CO. where it is utilized to make new bottles. Unfortunately, much of the glass recycled by citizens elsewhere in the state is down-cycled rather than recycled. That’s because most of the glass collected for recycling in Colorado is done by single-stream programs which allow citizens to toss all of their recyclables into a single bin or cart. Those recyclables are then loaded into a trash truck, where they are compacted, before being dumped at a processing facility.  As you can imagine, the glass gets shattered into tiny shards and mixed together with small pieces of other recyclables. This process makes it extremely difficult to clean and sort the glass for use as recycled cullet.  This glass is instead sold as road base or landfill cover. While both options are considered to be of beneficial reuse, they do not meet the definition of recycling. The good news is, this information is beginning to inspire some business to use new technologies to clean and process recovered glass so that it can truly be recycled. While other businesses are reaching out to the public for ideas to improve the collection process and gather more glass for their recycling programs.  To learn more about the exciting innovations being made in Colorado’s glass recycling industry follow the links below.


Rocky Mountain Bottle Company reached out to the public and local organizations for ideas on how to increase recycling in the community. One of the best plans to come out of the brainstorming sessions was to employ veterans to collect glass for the bottling company. With that, Veterans Gone Green: A Glass Recycling Company was born.

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According to Melanie Asmar in a June, 2015 article published in the West Word: Instead of being endlessly recycled, the glass that Denver residents put in their purple bins is reused only once, as a liner for landfills.

Nestled between a junkyard and bounce-house manufacturer on a hill overlooking the city of Denver, is Colorado’s first, and only, solution to specifically glass recycling.

Originally posted by Denver(CBS4) on July 15, 2015