Curbside Recycling Guide


Curbside Recycling Guide

Paper Products

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Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, junk mail (please open and remove any sticky return address labels or plastics), paperback books, white or pastel office quality paper, and envelopes. Shredded paper is also accepted.

Please remove and discard plastic sleeves,wraps, and/or bags.

We DO NOT accept the following!!
Plastic newspaper delivery bags, carbons, ream wrappers, photographs, wrapping paper, greeting cards, tissues or paper towels, milk/juice cartons, paper plates/ food soiled paper, laundry/dish detergent boxes or waxy paperboard.


Such as flattened cereal/cracker boxes (liners removed please), 6pk/12pk beer or soda containers, paper egg cartons, and toilet/paper towel tubes,  construction paper and poster board. Please contain separately.

Phone Books are Okay

Please remove plastic wrap and magnets. Stack separately or place on top of your paper mix.

Corrugated Cardboard

Just non-glossy, unwaxed, corrugated cardboard. Please flatten all boxes and discard packing materials. Keep brown paper sacks with your boxes (not with newspapers).

Aluminum/Steel cans & Plastic #1, #2, & #5

Solid plastic containers with the #1, #2 & #5 located inside the recycling triangle on the bottom of the container, steel cans (this includes metal lids from jars), and aluminum cans. Please remove and discard all plastic lids. Rinse and Drain food containers. Completely drain non food containers.

We DO NOT accept the following!!

Aluminum foil, pie tins, scrap aluminum or steel pieces. NO styrofoam. NO plastic bags. (Check with local grocery stores for plastic bag collection/recycling) NO plastic clamshells or “Blister” of any kind. For a more detailed explanation of “Blister”

Glass Jars & Bottles

All colors of jars and bottles, emptied, rinsed and with lids discarded. (Steel lids can be recycled with cans)

We DO NOT accept the following!!

Glass that is not a bottle, jar, or jug.  We do not take pyrex, ceramics, drinking glasses, vases, plate glass, light bulbs, corks, foil, etc.

For more information, please view the DROP OFF RECYCLING GUIDE.