Drop Off Recycling Guide

Drop Off Recycling Guide

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333 West Avenue, Grand Junction: (970) 242-1036

GJ CRI, in cooperation with the City of Grand Junction, is happy to provide residents with this recycling option. The West Avenue drop off offers convenience for city and county residents without curbside service and city curbside customers with that occasional over abundance of material.

Please help keep the drop off an option!

West Avenue Drop-off produces, by far, the greatest amount of budget busting “trash” of all our services. If we are to continue offering the drop off option, we ask that all users review and comply with the requirements listed in this publication.

The Recycling Drop off is not for trash disposal!

Please remove and discard lids, plastic and styrofoam packing material, plastic bags, and other trash prior to bringing it to the center or be prepared to take it away with you when you leave.

Household hazardous waste, appliances, construction debris and yard waste are not accepted at the West Avenue Drop Off.

Drop Off Location and Hours

333 West Avenue

Monday-Friday:7 to 4

Saturday: 9 to 3

Corrugated Cardboard and Brown Paper Sacks

WE ACCEPT non-glossy, unwaxed corrugated cardboard (corrugated cardboard will have two layers of cardboard separated by a ruffle/wavy piece of cardboard).

Please flatten all boxes and remove packing paper, peanuts, etc. Staples are OK. Put brown paper sacks with boxes (not with newspapers).

NO cereal boxes, (or the like) soda can cartons, paper towel rolls, egg cartons, etc. Place these items with paperboard.

Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogs, Office Paper

WE ACCEPT: newspapers, magazines, catalogs, junk mail (open junk mail and remove sticky address labels and/or any plastics), paperback books, and white or pastel office quality paper and envelopes. Shredded paper is okay. Please remove and discard plastic wraps. Empty paper out of the sack, bag or box you brought it in. (Brown bags and boxes go with cardboard. Plastic bags can be recycled at local grocery stores.)

WE DO NOT ACCEPT plastic newspaper delivery bags; hardcover books; carbons; kraft paper (brown envelopes); ream wrappers; tissue/paper towels; or photographs.

Chipboard (Single-layer paperboard)

Flattened cereal/cracker boxes,(with liners removed), 6 or 12 pk soda/beer containers, paper egg cartons, toilet/paper towel tubes, construction paper, and poster board.


NO milk/juice cartons; NO plastic sacks; NO waxy paperboard; NO paperboard with detergent residue (e.g. dish detergent, laundry soap boxes); NO paper plates/food soiled paperboard.

Mix together Plastic #1, #2, #5, & Aluminum / Steel Cans

WE ACCEPT: #1, #2, & #5 solid plastic containers.( Look for the numbers inside the recycle symbol – on the bottom of your plastic containers), any aluminum food or beverage can, steel cans (including empty paint and aerosol cans), and steel lids from glass containers. KEEP GLASS SEPARATE FROM ALL OF THESE MATERIALS.

Please remove and discard lids.
Rinse and drain food containers.
Completely drain non food containers.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT: Styrofoam, plastic bags (check local grocery stores for recycling), #3, #4, #6 or #7 plastics, TV dinner trays, aluminum foil, pie tins, steel or aluminum scrap pieces.

Glass Jars and Bottles (Always keep separate)

WE ACCEPT:  GREEN, BROWN, & COLORED glass jars, bottles, and jugs

CLEAR bottles are separate.

  • Please empty, rinse, and remove lids
  • (Recycle metal lids with cans)

WE DO NOT ACCEPT glass that is not a bottle, jar, or jug. This includes pyrex, ceramics, drinking glasses, vases, plate glass, light bulbs, corks, foil, etc

Telephone Books

WE ACCEPT all telephone books.

Please remove plastic wrap and magnets. Do not mix them with magazines and catalogs!

Electronics are NO longer accepted at the Drop Off Facility

January 2*(Fri.) & 15
February 5 & 19
March 5 & 19
April 2 & 16
May 7 & 21
June 4 & 18
July 2 & 16
August 6 & 20
September 3 & 17
October 1 & 15
November 5 & 19
December 3 & 17


*This is a schedule change due to a holiday.
Please have your material out by 8 am