Hard to Recycle Guide

Hard to Recycle Guide

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Hard-to-recycle materials are those items that typically end up in a landfill (and shouldn’t be there!). This is designed for the committed recycler like you who is willing to go that extra mile to recycle everything you can. With efforts like yours, we’re keeping more resources out of landfills, preventing toxins from entering our soil and groundwater, and preserving natural resources for generations to come.

Some items are still “hard-to-recycle” and at this time non-recyclable. But hopefully some of these tips will help you to clean out your storage space, closets or that junk pile by the shed. Save landfill space and do the right thing!

If you can’t find a resource for an item that you wish to recycle, please refer to our guide: Other Local Resources

Appliances, Junk Metal, Cars

Appliances, Junk Metal, Cars

Western Metals (formerly Van Gundy’s)
645 4th Ave. 242-9500


Western Metals does a great job of recycling all of your metals (among other things). They pay you for recycling your old junk. Some items they accept…electric motors, radiators, metal awnings, metal door frames, metal pipe, gutters, etc. All non-ferrous metals; steel, brass, copper, and aluminum. They can also recycle cars with the 4 tires mounted (no spare). NO additional tires, NO televisions, NO computers, and NO electronics. They will accept appliances including refrigerators. They also buy batteries and LED. Call for more information.

Pacific Steel and Recycling

2365 River Road 241-2551

They accept a variety of scrap metals. They also accept and pay for appliances, batteries and cars. Call for more information.

Automobile Donation

Another great option for those old vehicles  http://colorado.wheelsforwishes.org/

Automobile Tires

TDS Tire Distribution Systems
410 North Ave. 242-3021
Accepts junk tires $2.50/tire

Discount Tire
2820 North Ave. 242-0444
$3.00/tire disposal fee



Batteries Plus
578 25 Rd. 245-7000

Western Metals

645 4th Ave. 242-9500

Interstate Batteries

2486 Commerce Blvd. Unit D 434-4237
They accept different batteries, call to find out details.

Building Materials

Building Materials

Habitat for Humanity ReStore
2936 North Ave. 263-0858
They will accept donations of doors, windows, paint, tile, decorations, cabinets, sinks, plumbing supplies, building material, lumber, bricks, home furnishings, furniture, and appliances that are in good condition. They have a free pick up service available.



Mesa County Hazardous Waste Facility

Located at the Mesa County Landfill.

Call for hours and fees. 257-9336



Pacific Steel & Recycling
2365 River Rd 241-2551

Motor Oil

Motor Oil

Many auto parts and auto repair businesses accept used motor oil to be re-refined and used again. If the U.S. recycled all of its motor oil we could save 1.3 million barrels of oil per day! Locally, used motor oil can be dropped off at:

2848 North Ave. 243-3111
2522 1/2 Hwy. 6&50 255-9957

Checker Auto
2401 North Ave 245-9127

Midas Muffler
101 North Ave 243-1833

Organic Waste

Organic Waste

Mesa Co. Landfill Organic Composting Facility
3071 Hwy 50 263-9319 (Tues- Sat 8-4:30).


This is a great place to take your “green waste”…grass clippings, leaves, tree branches and stumps, manure and hay, pallets, and most weeds. They cannot accept sod or root balls.

Other Residential Waste

Other Residential Waste

Mesa Co. Landfill
3071 Hwy 50 256-9543 or 257-9336 (Thursday, Friday & Saturday only, 8a.m.-4:30 p.m.)


This is the place to take your household’s latex or oil paints, aerosols, flammable liquids, cleaning supplies, batteries (car or household), solvents, adhesives, fertilizers, pesticides, antifreeze, toner or laser cartridges, light bulbs, and used or new motor oil. Unless you have a whole lot of these items, there will not be a charge. Businesses should call for charges and to make an appointment.

Packing Peanuts And Bubble Wrap

Many packaging and mailing centers will gratefully accept your clean packing peanuts and bubble wrap.

Kangaroo Express

2487 Industrial Blvd 245-3522

The Mail Suite
202 North Ave. 241-8973

UPS Store

2536 Rimrock Ave. 241-4646

2830 North Ave. 241-6103

Fruita Copy and Shipping
316 Hwy 6 & 50 858-5088

Plastic Grocery Sacks

All AlbertsonsCity Market and Wal-Mart locations accept plastic grocery sacks for recycling. Check at entrances and ask at service counters. Don’t forget to reuse them if you can!

Used Clothing and Housewares

Many outlets for your used clothing, shoes, household items, bedding, dishes, decorator items, pots & pans, clothes and toys, children’s toys and furniture, record albums, tapes, or CD’s, small appliances, antiques, and jewelry are available. Some accept items on consignment. Call for specifics!

Fashion Junkie
710 N. 1st 245-5936
Here is an outlet for all of your in-season, in-style clothing for men, women, and children. They will offer you a cash amount or a higher value in trade to use in the store. What a deal & what FUN!

Heirlooms for Hospicee
635 Main St. 254-8556
Clothing for adults, household items, furniture, & small appliances. They have a no-cost pick-up service available for large items. Call to inquire.

Encore Shoppe and Gallery
461 Grand Ave. 242-3662
Clothing for the whole family, household items and furniture.

Salvation Army locations:
1235 N. 4th (main office) 242-7513
Pick-up service 245-9231
1038 Ute Ave. 245-5439
510 30 Rd. 434-6030
1155 N. 4th St. 257-1984

Rescue Mission Thrift Store
2962 North Ave 245-5433

Save-A-Pet Thrift Store
2651 Hwy. 50 257-0070


Information contained in this Guide is compiled from public sources such as phone listings. GJ CRI does not endorse these companies and makes no claims about actual end usage or disposal of items. It is suggested that you call first to make sure your item is currently being accepted.