Recycled Clothing Is the Next Big Thing in The Fashion Industry

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Posted on February 15, 2017

Recycled clothing is the next big thing in the fashion industry.  From hand- me- downs to that perfect vintage piece, most of us have partaken in recycled fashion at one time or another.  However, you may have noticed some of the newest trends include eco-friendly clothing and accessories made from recycled goods. As people continue to look for new ways to minimize their environmental footprint, recycled fashion is becoming increasingly popular with consumers and the fashion world is catching on.

The concept of creating clothing from recycled materials is not new. The outdoor clothing company Patagonia began using recycled PETE bottles to make fleece in the early 90’s. The company has since expanded its recycling operations to include manufacturing waste and recycled garments. What is new is the amazing range of textiles that can now be made using recycled materials. From soft satins to stretchy polyesters, and even blended fabrics like Smartwool and denim, the possibilities are endless.

More and more manufacturers are beginning to recognize the environmental and economic benefits of producing items made from recycled materials, and the fashion industry is no exception.  High-end designers like Vivian Westwood and Calvin Klein,  are using fabrics made from recycled materials, as are major brands, like Levi Strauss, Adidas, and many others.

People have long used fashion as a means of self-expression. Whether we desire to look professional, laid back, sporty, or wish to highlight our cultural heritage, we use clothing to express ourselves. Individual style is a platform that allows us to communicate our values, ideas, and personal beliefs. Wearing recycled clothing and accessories are great ways to express that you value a more sustainable world.

As consumers, we play a tremendous role in driving market trends, especially when it comes to the latest in fashion. Every purchase we make supports something, and every dollar spent sends a message.  We have the power to make the latest fads pass by the wayside, or become the new standard.  With a bit of extra time and thought we can make our purchases send a message that better reflects our values. In turn, that message will give designers, manufacturers, and retail stores further incentive to sell more recycled apparel.

After all, fashion is about starting new trends and making a personal statement.  Supporting brands which use innovation and creativity to help conserve our limited resources is one of the best statements you can make.  It’s also, another great way to reduce your environmental footprint and close the recycling loop.

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