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Grand Junction, Colorado: Curbside Recycling Pickup Services

Residential & Commercial Recycling for Grand Junction, Colorado

Residential Pickup


How to Sign Up

Signing up is simple.


1. Please review the recycling Residential Recycling Guidelines as we can currently only accept the materials listed. We would love to hear from you if you have any questions.




2. Then, print, fill-in and mail the Residential Agreement Form back to us.  Upon receipt of the form, we will initiate service and deliver bins if applicable.

    Residents set their material at the curb by 8 am on the day of collection and at the location designated by GJ CRI at the time of sign up. Whenever possible we will return your recycling containers to a location near your house and secure them as best we can to prevent loss. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or missing containers.

    Never Recycled Before?
    If you have never recycled before we will be happy to arrange a time to meet at your house to show you samples of the items you can recycle and help you get started. 242-1036


    Service Options

    Once-A-Month Service

    GJ CRI offers residential curbside recycling service to single family residences (up to four-plex units) located within the City limits of Grand Junction.

    The basic service is a once per month pick up. The cost is $1.75 per month. That charge can be added to the participant’s monthly City utility bill, or paid directly, one year in advance: cost annual charge of $21.

    Cannot pay? Low income exemptions are available! Contact Us

    Twice-a-Month Service

    In some areas, twice per month service is available. Since the additional pick up is no longer in conjunction with an established route: Cost for the second pick up is an annual charge of $25. Current Customers call: 242-1036

    New Customers

    To sign up for a second pick up each month, print, fill out and send in the Residential Agreement Form. (Check the 'Second Pickup Each Month' box.)

    Thanks for Not Sharing

    We ask that each residence recycle only those materials generated by their household. Sharing of the service with neighbors or family or bringing materials home from the office reduces our efficiency and puts unmanageable strain on our equipment and staff. Instead, have your neighbors, friends, and family sign up for individual service or ask them to utilize our Drop Off (google map) location. Thank you.



    Participants may use any containers that suit their needs, making sure that those containers are in good repair and do not collect water. Brown paper grocery sacks and small to mid-sized packing type boxes make good recycling containers. Wheeled trash cans are also acceptable. Please make sure that your containers weigh no more than 40 pounds with material included, as we must lift these containers overhead to empty them into our trailer.
    We may not be able to collect material in overweight or otherwise unmanageable containers. Please secure and contain your material in case of high winds.

    Order Form

    Recycling Bins available for purchase
    GJ CRI has red, open, 18 gal. UV resistant recycling bins available for $12.00 each. We do not require that you use our containers - paper sacks, laundry baskets, rubbermaid totes and boxes all work well. Just make sure your containers are not falling apart, weigh more than 40lbs. with recyclable material in them, and do not collect rainwater, leaves, garbage, etc.


    Commercial Recycling 


    Currently our commercial program is at capacity and we are unable to take any additional new accounts. Please continue to check back for possible openings.

    Our commercial component evolved from the requests from our residential participants who wished to recycle at work. We work with you to determine the type, size, and number of containers and frequency of pick ups.

    If your company is within city limits, we may be able to service your business through our commercial recycling program. You can also encourage recycling at your workplace by forming a "green team" and sharing the responsibility of bringing your workplace recyclables to the drop off.

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