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China Cracking Down on Scrap and Plastic Imports

Posted on March 15, 2017 Last month Chinese customs officials announced the launch of a new one-year campaign which will target criminal activity surrounding the imports of “foreign waste”.  The campaign, titled “National Sword 2017,” will focus on a number of imports including recyclables such as plastics and electronic waste. Although the campaign is expected to impact companies who send commingled plastics #3-#7 to China, any effects this will have on U.S. markets remain to be .

Problem Items in the Recycling Stream

Posted on December 28, 2016 Grand Junction has some of the best recyclers in the country and, for most of us, recycling has become second nature- just another part of our daily routine. We all know why we should recycle: it saves energy, reduces pollution, creates jobs, and it’s good for our community! However, even the best recyclers can unknowingly make small, unintentional mistakes that can have big consequences. Knowing what not to toss .