What happens to my material after it’s collected at the curb?

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Your sorted material is emptied into different compartments on one of our specially designed trailers.  After picking up several thousand pounds of material by hand each day, our hard working crews bring it back to the facility where they offload and combine it with like material collected at the public drop off.  In the mornings we have “plastics parties” around the conveyor belts:  The same people who pick up your material help sort plastics from steel and aluminum and discard trash that ended up in the mix. Plastic is further separated by type to meet specific market specifications.

The material is then baled and stored until sufficient quantity is on hand to fill a shipping truck.* We then arrange for truckers to arrive at the facility and load their trucks with material for delivery to mills and markets.  The mills and markets process the material:  Glass is palletized into specific colors; aluminum and steel are melted; paper is shredded for insulation or washed and processed into clean newsprint, and; cardboard is ground into new fiber.  The recovered raw materials are then either used by the mill or sold to manufacturers for transformation into new products.

Successful recycling is a labor intensive process and one that requires the assistance of local residents to achieve. You help complete the loop when you purchase products that are made using recycled materials.

* Glass is sorted by color at the curb when collected.  It is then kept in a storage “bunker” and loaded into dump trucks for transport to Miller/Coors Bottling Company in Wheat Ridge, CO.