What is the Recycling Loop?

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Recycling is a series of steps which create a loop: The first step begins with you when you identify a recyclable item, toss it in the appropriate bag or bin, and place those at the curb or take them to a recycling drop-off. The second step is recovering those materials. This happens when crews such as ours collect the items and transport them to a collection facility. The third step is complex.  It involves further sorting of the many types of items collected into separate commodities, identifying markets for the items, decontaminating the items according to market specifications, baling items for shipment, securing transportation, and then shipping them to recycling re-manufactures or mills. Step four occurs at the re-manufacturer or mill, where the material is shredded and cleaned, melted, or in some other fashion restructured into a form ready for use.  The fifth step is when those individual commodities reach a manufacturer’s floor and are actually turned into new products to be shipped to retailers. The last and final step is when you as a consumer purchase those new products and complete the recycling loop.