Why don’t you accept plastic bags? Some of them are #2 HDPE. Where can I recycle them?

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We only accept solid plastic containers numbers #1, #2, and #5. Our equipment is not designed to process plastic bags- they get caught in and wrapped around conveyor belt pulleys and other equipment.  Plastic bags photo degrade very quickly so they must be kept dry and out of the sun. They are also very light weight so we would literally need to collect and store millions of them to acquire enough to meet market requirements.

You can recycle your plastic shopping bags at City Market, Wal-Mart, Albertsons or other local grocery stores.  Remember to be sure and remove your receipts. Plastic bags are typically down cycled rather than recycled meaning they aren’t turned back into new bags. Rather they end up as plastic lumber, floor mats, and low-grade textiles.

Recycling plastic bags does very little to reduce the need for virgin materials. Therefore the best way for us to reduce our plastic bag footprint is to switch to a reusable alternative.